5 Advantages of Having a Brick Outdoor Kitchen 5 Advantages of Having a Brick Outdoor Kitchen

The brick outdoor kitchen is a completely functional cooking area that will enable you to cook and enjoy your meals in open space, together with your guests and family. This type of outdoor kitchen is a standalone structure with concrete footings, brick foundations and structural walls above the ground floor. It is usually located in the backyard or garden, close to the outdoor sitting area and not far from the external door to the main kitchen. There are many advantages of brick outdoor kitchens and some of them are listed below.

Built-in Cupboards

The construction of a brick backyard kitchen allows the architect to incorporate built-in cupboards made of half-brick walls to form divisions and compartments. The architect will design compartments based on the client’s specifications. Since these are built-in compartments, there is no need to buy standalone furniture for the kitchen, and the home owner will save costs in the process. The home owner only has to buy doors for the brick compartments and these are very cheap.

Stable and Durable:

External brick kitchens are permanently built on site, and therefore they are very strong, durable and stable. These are not portable and are built on the best location in the home yard. They can resist extreme winds, corrosive weather elements, wear and tear. Brick kitchens can support heavy weights without any trouble. You can place cast iron pots and other large cooking equipment, and all the weight will be absorbed by the structural walls and transmitted to the foundations. The same applies to brick kitchen sitting areas. They can support a person’s body weight without any damage.


Outside brick kitchens provide more cooking space and sitting space for catering to a large family or social gathering.Essentially, they are larger than indoor kitchens. While 2 to 4 people may be accommodated in an indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen allows dozens of people to sit around the fire pit. Your home chef can cook plenty of food that would not be possible with a standard portable barbecue. Your family members, relatives and guests have the time to mingle and chat while the food is cooking.

Custom Design

One of the reasons why people prefer outdoor brick kitchens is because the home owner has the opportunity to design the kitchen according to his or her own specifications. You can incorporate your own style and tastes during the project planning stage. Choose how you want the kitchen to look like, determine the floor size and pick the wall finishing and rendering. If you do not have designing skills, seek the services of an architect or building design technician. The architect will present you with a couple of design options for you to pick from.

Affordable Cost

The cost of outdoor brick kitchens when compared to portable island kitchens is much lower. An external brick kitchen is a Do-It-Yourself project that you can carry out on your own. Even if you decide to hire a builder to carry out the project, the cost is not that much when compared to a big portable island kitchen. Also, given that this is a permanent and durable structure, it will live longer than an assembled outdoor kitchen, and hence the home owner will save money on repairs and replacements.



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