5 Advantages of Owning a Mop Sink

A large sink.

Traditionally found in restaurants and commercial businesses, mop sinks have increasingly been found popping up in residential garages and laundry rooms as well. If you are currently using a bulky industrial mop bucket (typically large, yellow and on wheels) a mop sink will make your life much easier. There are a variety of attachments that you can add to your mop sink to contribute to its functionality. Mop sinks will save you space, time and money as well as providing you with a neater cleaner environment.

1. Contamination Control

    If you are using a handheld mop bucket and a mop with a removable mop head, you can install a mop wringer low to the wall above your mop sink.

      2. Versatility

        Hoses of any length can be added to your faucet giving you the flexibility to achieve a variety of tasks beyond filling your mop bucket. You will be able to wash large items such as trash cans or wash a pet with greater ease. If you live in an area where your outdoor water faucets freeze or you have no outdoor water faucets, you can now slide your hoses through a window or door and wash your car, spray windows, or water your garden.

        3. Chemical Dispensing Unit

          These cleaning supplies are available in green options.

            4. Safety

              Spilled water on a floor is always a concern when it comes to slipping and falling. In fact, it is the number one injury in the restaurant industry. Since your mop sink is close to the floor it will not need to be lifted as high or as often which reduces the risk of water spilling and creating a fall risk. Another advantage of not having to lift your mop bucket frequently is that it will reduce strain on you or your employees’ backs.

              5. Time and Money

                Since you or your employees will be spending less time carting your mop bucket back and forth from your current standard sinks, everyone will be working more efficiently which is both convenient and saves time. As we know time is money. If you have added your chemical dispensing units you will also find additional cost savings due to portion control. Left to our own devices, we will 9 times out of 10 add too much when pouring chemical ratios by hand.