5 Advantages of Sealing a Crawlspace 5 Advantages of Sealing a Crawlspace

Sealing a crawl space protects your home from many unwanted things, including poor quality. Quality of air is important for your general health, especially if you have allergies. You could try to control the effects of the crawlspace, but sealing it has a better effect.

Reduce Mold Spores and Bacteria

Crawlspaces are often built above bare ground. As a result, your home is exposed to the ground, which means it's exposed to whatever the air collects from the ground. Substances from the ground circulate throughout your home and move upward, a process known as the "stack effect." The air often contains mold spores, which travel throughout every room of your house. The quality of your air suffers greatly because of mold spores.

Bacteria colonies also grow in crawlspaces. An endless cycle spreads the spores and bacteria in your home, unless you do something about it. Sealing the crawlspace reduces this cycle significantly.

Avoid Damage from Moisture

Like mold spores, moisture can accumulate over the crawlspace due to the stack effect. This moisture can damage your floor. If the flooring is wooden, it will rot.

Sealing the crawlspace prevents moisture from circulating, thus stopping moisture damage. If applied properly, the seal also keeps the moisture out of the crawlspace.

Get Rid of Pests

Many vermin enjoy live in crawlspaces. Your crawlspace may invite mice, termites, and even snakes. Controlling pests can be troublesome. They are always a risk. One way to fight against these pests is to seal the crawlspace. Sealing a crawlspace stops pests from entering.

Reduce Utility Bills

The stack effect leads to higher utility bills because of air entering from the outside through the crawlspace. When you combat that air, you use your heating and cooling system more. You can reduce the resulting higher energy costs by sealing the crawlspace.

Don't forget air purifiers and other appliances used to combat mold spores and dust mites. You won't need to use them as much, so you will further reduce your electricity bills.

Prevent Odors

If your crawlspace isn't sealed, you may notice musty odors entering your home from outside. Sealing a crawlspace helps control such odors.

With these advantages and health benefits, many homeowners are interested in sealing a crawlspace. If you these benefits affect you, you might consider sealing yours as well.

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