5 Advantages of Using a Copper Chimney Cap

A copper chimney cap is a valuable piece of equipment that is not only useful, but looks good while protecting your fire down below. Copper has long been used for its attractive and durable qualities, from modern kitchenware to ancient armor. Using a copper chimney cap over your fireplace will ensure thorough protection of the chimney it covers and a clean fire burning in your fireplace.


If you have a fireplace, you may have already pictured a random assortment of objects falling down the chimney. Any number of things have the potential to slide down, from rain and snow, to leaves and even small animals. A chimney cap prevents all these and keeps your chimney free of clogging debris and water that could soak into the insulation most metal chimney's have.

A metal grate keeps larger things out, while overhanging lips protect the interior from water, snow and other finer debris. Some caps have built-in drafts that can increase or decrease the amount of air that gets in; which you choose depends on your own personal need. 

Design and Maintenance

All types of chimney caps serve their protective purpose to varying degrees of effectiveness, but copper chimney caps, in particular, look the best while doing it and enjoy a level of durability not found in some other metals. Copper cleans easily and retains the amber shine for extended periods despite being exposed to the elements on your roof.

Copper polish is also inexpensive. Many people make polishing their cap a regular part of spring cleaning, alongside washing windows and cleaning out gutters. If you choose not to polish the cap, it will slowly develop the same green patina the Statue of Liberty has, but some people enjoy the cool feel and choose to keep it that way.  

Many manufacturers design and sell beautiful and elaborate copper chimney caps, and the price is comparable to some other materials used, such as steel. Aluminum is cheaper then copper, but copper is also much more durable and attractive then aluminum. 


The most important part regarding purchasing a new chimney cap is making sure what size your chimney is. You don't want to buy a cap and climb on your roof only to discover the cap won't fit. Many chimney manufacturers use proprietary sizes for their products, so it's best to purchase a cap from the same maker as the chimney itself. If this isn't an option, however, many chimney supply stores sell custom sized caps. In either case, be sure you have the correct one before committing to buy.


Installation is as easy as climbing on your roof and screwing the cap onto the chimney, however make sure to take the standard safety precautions before venturing up the ladder. Once the chimney cap is attached and secured into place, stand back and enjoy your investment. Your copper chimney cap will stay up there for years and look beautiful the entire time.