5 Advantages of Using a Hose Timer

Watering is a chore that can be simplified with the use of a hose timer. There are other advantages that make hose timers appealing to property owners with gardens and lawns of all sizes. Whether you want to water a vegetable garden or keep your lawn looking fresh, you should consider the benefits of using a manual or an automatic hose timer.

1. Never Over Water Again

Flowers and plants can drown in too much water. It's easy to do if you turn on the hose and go off to complete another task in your yard or home. By the time you remember to shut off the water, it may be too late. An easy way to prevent overwatering is to use a hose timer. You simply set it to stop watering when the timer goes off. It eliminates the need for you to stand there and wait.

2. Water When You're Not There

If you're not home a lot, but still need to water your lawn or garden, a hose timer is handy to turn the water on and off in your absence. You can attach the hose to a sprinkler, and it will do the job of watering lawns or garden beds. It turns on and shuts off at specified times during the day, so you don't have to worry while you're at work or on vacation about destroying your lawn or garden.

3. Easy Installation

Installing a basic hose timer is easy. An automatic hose may require batteries, which you may have to put in prior to your first use and change it when it runs out. Some have solar panels charges on the timer itself, so you can skip that step.

4. Water Conservation

You can use a lot more water than you need or plan to without a hose timer. Wasting water only leads to you paying more for your water bills. It's better to use a hose timer to conserve water. Studies have shown that you can use as much as 60 percent less water, like the one conducted by the Water Resource Management Division of Plant City in Florida. You can learn more at http://www.plantcitygov.com/DocumentView.aspx?DID=58.

5. Keep Intruders Away

Using a hose timer to keep intruders away shouldn't be the primary reason for purchasing one, but it does help. It might deter a thief who thinks you're home because the water turns on and off. If you're gone for a number of days, you can set the hose timer to turn on the water at set times throughout the day. Unless an intruder walks on the property, finds the hose connection to see whether you're using a hose timer, the intruder will move on.

Buy a quality hose timer that is easy to program and use, and you'll be satisfied. Many online stores offer reviews, to help you choose the best ones.