5 Advantages of Using a Pneumatic Impact Wrench

A pneumatic impact wrench is a handy tool for various home projects and automotive work. It creates a firm hold on an item, hence greater mechanical advantage. Some impact wrenches utilize electricity to operate while others can be manually operated. The pneumatic version uses compressed air. Perhaps you’re considering which type of wrench to purchase. Below are 5 benefits of using the pneumatic wrench.


You can enjoy increased efficiency in your work due to the high torque level of the pneumatic wrench. A wrench powered by compressed air gives more torque than one that uses electricity. The wrench delivers the air under extremely high pressure which yields a powerful impact. Higher torque levels are useful when you have to undertake heavy jobs. Even for ordinary jobs, with a pneumatic wrench, you need not exert yourself as much during work. It enables you to work both efficiently and quickly. This assures a satisfactory job outcome.


With the pneumatic wrench you’ll be able to undertake a wide range of activities. Most models have a flow regulator which allows air flow to be regulated in both directions. This adds to overall efficiency. The air compressor feature makes the pneumatic wrench a multipurpose device. You can use the air compressor to inflate various items as well as spray paint.

Ease of Use

The pneumatic wrench has a characteristic small size. It is also lighter than most other impact wrenches. This is partly because the power source of the pneumatic wrench is contained in the air compressor. However, the electric impact wrench has the motor and other components assembled into one bulky unit. The smaller, lighter tool allows you to work with more ease. You’ll experience less fatigue or muscle strains with the pneumatic wrench. The convenient weight allows you to work for long periods and not tire out easily. It also enables you to move around with greater maneuverability, especially where awkward angles are concerned. Due to its convenient small size, the wrench doesn’t take up much storage space.


The pneumatic impact wrench is a durable tool. It is also a low maintenance appliance. This is partly because it has fewer moving components than other tools. It also doesn’t have the motor feature characteristic of electrical tools. Instead it relies on an air compressor to power it. Tools with motors tend to have a high wear and tear rate especially when heavily used. This necessitates frequent repairs and replacements which add to overall costs.


Since the pneumatic wrench operates on compressed air, you needn’t worry about power supplies. Once you have the cylinder of compressed air you are well stocked for work. However, other tools can inconvenience you when you least expect it. Electrical tools, for instance, require power availability which may sometimes be disrupted. This renders you unable to work. Besides, compressed air is a cheap fuel for running tools compared to electricity or natural gas.