5 Advantages of Using a Texture Spray Gun

What You'll Need
-Texture spray gun -Texture roller or trowel -Goggles or safety glasses with side shields -Respirator -Plastic or canvas drop cloths -Paper coveralls and head sock

A texture spray gun takes much of the effort out of applying drywall compound or texture to walls and ceilings. It’s easy to learn how to operate, and it’s a tool you can rent when you want it, rather than purchase. There are a number of advantages to using a texture spray gun, rather than using more traditional ways to apply texture.

1. Speed

If you have a large area to which you want to apply drywall compound or textured paint, the job is going to go much faster if you use a texture spray gun rather than a trowel. With experience and the judicious application of several thin coats, one heavy coat is what you want to use, followed by either a texture roller or trowel. You’ll be able to build up the texture exactly when and where you desire, and you can do the final shaping with a scraper. As a general rule, you’ll cut the time by around 50 percent by using a texture spray gun. If you’re working on several rooms in a big remodel, that can translate into a great deal of time.

TIP: Ed Kimble, our painting expert, notes that: "You can use a texture roller cover for a nice uniform look on your walls or ceiling."

2. Ease

In addition to the speed, it’s just so much easier to use a texture spray gun. There’s no mixing the compound, putting it on a trowel and from there on to the wall, smoothing it down, and then repeating the process endless times. With a spray gun all you have to do is put the mixture in the hopper and press the trigger. It really couldn’t be simpler. You end up doing much less work to achieve the same result-or one that looks even better. Anything that saves on labor is a real plus.

TIP: Ed also states: "Texture paint is an excellent product to use to cover poorly repaired walls or other uneven conditions on walls and ceilings."

3. Results

Once you master the technique of using a texture spray gun (which only takes a few minutes), you’ll achieve very professional-looking results. To do the same thing with a trowel takes a great deal longer to learn. If you’re aiming for textured paint, you’ll only need to focus the spray gun on specific areas to build up the texture before you shape it. Once again, you’ll find it very easy to achieve the kind of results you want.

4. Convenience

If you just have a short time to complete a room, you’ll want to use a texture spray gun. It’s remarkably convenient. Once everything in the room has been covered with drop clothes, all that remains is to mix the texture, put it in the spray gun’s hopper and go. With more traditional methods, you will almost certainly have to mix at least two batches of compound, and quite probably more. That takes time, and you need to achieve the same consistency each time.

TIP: Ed points out you shouldn't "spray material on too much surface area at one time. If you spray too large of an area at one time. The material will start to dry, making it impossible to work the material with trowel or texture roller."

5. Economy

As you spend far less time on a job when you use a texture spray gun, it actually saves you money. Given a 50 percent savings of time, which is valuable, that can become a big savings, especially with contractors or laborers. Even if it’s just you, that’s time you could spend doing other things, including earning money elsewhere. So using a texture spray gun can turn into a significant economy.