5 Advantages of Using a Torpedo Laser Level

As technologies continue to improve in the tool industry, there will be more great products available like the torpedo laser level. This great improvement over the already satisfactory tool called the torpedo level provides much more accurate readings with tremendous ease of use. Many homeowners are hesitant to purchase a new torpedo laser level for the belief that it will be hard to use, as well as not finding enough uses for it. Here are some good reasons why you should look into a torpedo laser level for your home improvement toolbox.

Wide Variety of Use

With a torpedo laser level in your home improvement collection of tools, you will always be reaching for it. Each project that requires an accurate leveling will require a torpedo laser level. Because of its small size, it can be used in small areas. The laser portion makes it ideal for installing wainscoting, tile, masonry walls, and a mural of pictures. Of course, if there is only a few pictures that you are attaching to the wall, the torpedo laser level is great for individual placement. The torpedo laser level can also be used for laying patio bricks, keeping cabinets level, installing wallpaper, keeping track lighting in line, and anything else you can think of when you need to use a level.

Ease of Use

The torpedo laser level is not something that is uncomfortable to use. For the most part, the torpedo laser level can be used in the exact same manner as a non-laser torpedo level; by placing the level on a flat surface, you can look at the air bubble and see if the object is level or not. The laser comes into play when you press a button on the level body that produces a lightbeam that is projected onto a wall, floor, ceiling, or other type of project you are working on. 

Great Size for Any Project

A torpedo laser level is going to be a big advantage for all of your projects because of its size. With a very small profile, and a length of anywhere between 8 to 12 inches, the torpedo laser level can be used in both compact areas and larger projects like leveling a sill plate. You can slip your level in a small toolbag, your apron, or in your pocket.

Multi Wall Projection

When you are installing wainscoting, a chair rail, or simply trying to keep a level line across two or three walls, a torpedo laser level can do this for you. Some models of these small laser levels can display their laser across multiple walls to give a consistent presentation for your decorative project. 

Hands Free Leveling

If you have a ladder, or some other flat surface where you can place the level, you get straight laser projection for hanging pictures or other items. There are also several models that have small suction cups that can be engaged, or disengaged, to hang them on a wall or ceiling. This is very advantageous when you are hanging several items in a line or want to have a way to hang one item without making marks on your wall.