5 Advantages of Using a Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

a  vacuum cleaning carpet

Having a wet-dry vacuum in your house is a very good replacement to the traditional mop and bucket. In fact, wet-dry vacuum cleaners work on the very same principles of the traditional vacuum cleaner with the exceptions of having much better air intake and of using a bucket instead of the traditional bag. However, this is not the only advantage of wet-dry vacuums and this article shall explore further points.

1 - Versatility

One of the most important aspects about wet-dry vacuum cleaners is its versatility of use. In fact, it can be used for right about any cleaning task: it can pick up small to large amounts of debris; clean up wet spills; inflate mattresses and pool toys; retrieve items from a sink or even unclog a pipe; it can clean out your fireplace or wood stove and remove snow from pathways. In fact, wet-dry vacuum cleaners are a very handy and powerful tool that can replace many traditional tool like air pumps, mops, brooms and spades.

2 - Power

Wet-dry vacuums have very powerful lifting and suction capabilities and thus are very efficient and effective against the removal of both liquid and dust particles. Moreover, since they come with a separate tub or collector that contains fixed motors, wet-dry vacuums, have easy storage facilities for the collected liquids or debris. In fact, even if your wet-dry vacuum may not have a huge tank it will still have very strong suction power.

3 - Movement

Although they are heavy duty machines, wet-dry vacuums can be used in any household. In fact, nowadays they are very handy and easy to move around. This is thanks to the rubberized non-marking wheels that they possess which facilitate movement around the place without creating hassle. Furthermore, these vacuums even have large rear wheels which help the user carry them up and down the stairs with great freedom. Even more so, you can find these powerful tools coming as cordless or handheld for added flexibility.

4 - Size

Apart from its movement capabilities, wet dry vacuums come in a very good range of sizes varying between the 1/2 to 15 gallon capacity and with up to a 3 stage motor capacity. What you need to keep in mind is that the larger the tank is, the heavier it will get as it fills up. Although the wheels will facilitate movement, they may get a bit heavy if you need to take them upstairs.

5 - Disposal of Liquids

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners have two main disposal procedures. The drain hoses to which they are attached allow very easy disposal of liquids while the collected debris can be removed by lifting the lid of the collector. Thus you do not need to lift any heavy tanks to remove the collected materials or spills because these vacuums are equipped with easy to use disposal units.

Listed above are only the most important advantages of owning a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Remember, however, that although up to a few years ago these vacuums were solely used for industrial purposes, nowadays, they have been improved and customized for household use. Check out these 8 best uses for your wet-dry vacuum.