5 Advantages of Using an Airless Spray Gun

An airless spray gun is a common and widely favored way of applying paint to surfaces. It’s one of a number of types of paint spray guns available but it offers several advantages over the others. You can use an airless spray gun not only with paint but also stain, preservatives and more, making it a very versatile tool.


In most cases, you won’t need to thin paint before using an airless spray gun. That means no tinkering with levels to create the right mix. You simply use the paint as it is (although you should filter the paint first to ensure there are no lumps that could clog the nozzle of the spray gun). The fact that the airless spray gun is the choice of professional painters and contractors says a great deal; they want something that’s easy to use.

So do homeowners. They want something reliable, something that will do the job properly time after time without a great deal of maintenance. An airless spray gun fulfills those requirements.


The nozzles are adjustable, as with most spray guns, but an airless spray gun gives better coverage than other types of spray guns. As there’s a great deal of pressure behind the paint, it can penetrate into areas others don’t reach, the less accessible areas.

These guns work quickly, far faster than a paintbrush or a roller, making it an easy job to cover a wall in a matter of minutes. The coat of paint is quite thick, when compared to other methods, meaning you don’t need to apply as many coats of paint, and it’s a very “wet” coat of paint, not thinned by air or thinner, so the adhesion is much stronger.

Environmentally Friendly

As no thinner (or at most very little thinner) is needed with an airless spray gun, there’s hardly any, or no, solvent that goes into the air. That makes it quite green, and you can use it to apply both interior and exterior paint.


An airless spray gun doesn’t require an air compressor to work, just a pump. That makes it cheaper to operate, and more portable. It’s also cheap to buy. If you’re a homeowner you can buy one for just a few dollars and use it for all your painting jobs.

Ease Of Use

There’s no steep learning curve involved in using an airless spray gun. As long as you remember to keep the gun moving horizontally, rather than focusing on a spot, then you’ll have no problem. Remember, too, that you need to hold the airless spray gun so it’s perpendicular to the surface you’re painting.

With just a few minutes spraying a piece of scrap plywood, virtually anyone can handle an airless spray gun with confidence and produce professional results. The fact that you don’t need thinner allows the paint to dry more quickly, reducing the total time on the job and between coats of paint. Other than cleaning, an airless spray gun requires hardly any maintenance.