5 Advantages of Using an Electric Leaf Blower

An electric leaf blower provides a world of benefits to users as compared to a gas leaf blower. The tool is of particular use in cleaning your lawn or backyard, especially in the month of September or October when most of the ground around your house is covered by dry leaves, which need to be removed completely and efficiently. But even if you are just considering an electric powered leaf blower to do the job, there are still two options that are available. One option is to go for a leaf blower that works purely on electricity while the other option is for leaf blowers that use batteries. But no matter what your choice is, using the electronic tool will help you clean up your yard in a more effective manner.

1. An Electric Leaf Blower Is Lightweight

Because the power used by the tool comes from electricity, there is no need to install a heavy motor on the device. Hence, it is a lot lighter than other types of leaf blowers. In addition, the electric tool also operates quietly thereby allowing you to clean lawns in constricted areas without disturbing your neighbors.

2. An Electric Leaf Blower Can Be Carried on the Back

Backpack models of the electric leaf blower are available on the market which are still powerful enough to do a tough job. Thus, there is no need to have the complete blower load with you. Carrying the power pack with you also allows you to work over a greater distance which helps in the efficiency of the cleaning operation. If you are living in a home that has a small yard or there is a need to remove dry leaves from decks and patios, your best choice would be a backpack electric leaf blower. The model is also cheap at around 30 to 100 dollars and does not need a lot of maintenance.

3. Easy Maintenance

Another of the benefits you can get from an electric leaf blower is its low maintenance. Unlike a gas-operated leaf blower, all you need to do in order to keep the equipment clean is to remove the residues from the tube from time to time. You should also clean its brushes every now and then. To keep you leaf blower working efficiently, always use a cord that has the correct voltage.

4. Various Features Are Available

An electric-powered leaf blower also comes with additional features which makes it a more attractive alternative. These include greater power, better mulch ratio and reduced noise level. To get more from your leaf blower, you should also check on the price in which it is being sold. Most of the models that are sold on the market are priced affordably, thereby giving you more value for your money.

5. Ease of Use

Electric leaf blowers are so easy to use because there is no gas and oil to mix before it can be used and no ropes need to be pulled. You also do not have to cope with an engine that has a loud exhaust, thereby doing away with the need to wear noise suppressors. However, you still need to wear protective gear for your face to avoid debris from entering your eyes, mouth and nostrils.