5 Advantages of Using an Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is a must-have for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It’ll help you get things done faster on the home front. You’ve probably had to struggle with an ordinary screwdriver at some point or other. The electric version is an excellent alternative to the ordinary screwdriver. Whether for small tasks or large projects, it is sure to enhance efficiency on a range of projects. This highly efficient tool is also affordable and so can be acquired without too much of a strain. Below are five benefits the tool has over the ordinary screwdriver.

1. Convenient

The easy-to-hold shape of the screwdriver makes it easy to work with. Due to the high speed capability, you’ll find that you get tasks done much faster. Some models come with useful “extras” such as a carry case and a range of screws which gives you more comfort as you work.

2. Less Laborious

With an electric screwdriver, less effort is required during work. Drilling in screws can be a tedious job. Especially when a work piece requires a large number of screws, you’re bound to spend much time on the job. Removing screws can be just as entailing. The electric screwdriver allows you to undertake more work yet with less effort. It also allows you to undertake a range of jobs using the same tool. It isn’t as physically straining as using the conventional type which may involve much shifting from one tool to another.

3. Greater Efficiency

Electric screwdrivers allow you to insert screws quickly and accurately. The screwdriver has a powerful drill capability which ensures that jointing has a more lasting effect. This allows you to complete jobs faster and to satisfaction.

4. High Versatility

Variable speed and “reverse action” are common on most electric screwdrivers. Variable speed assures you more control and efficiency when working. The “reverse action” is a hallmark feature of electric screwdrivers. It allows you to quickly insert screws and remove them just as quickly when desirable. Due to adjustable speed control, you spend less time matching screws with the job at hand. The tool also comes in three basic shapes, straight, pistol and multi-positional, with some models integrating all three in one device. It gives you increased flexibility for a range of jobs.

5. Cost-Effective

When working with conventional screwdrivers, you require various types to cater for the range of jobs at home. Usually, these come in a set that consists of different shapes. Each one is best suited for a particular job. It is easier to loose parts of the set in the course of time due to several separate units. Replacement simply adds to your costs over time. However, if you get a multi-positional electric type, you enjoy the benefits of three different capabilities integrated in one device. All you need to do is change the shape according to the job being undertaken. This spares you the hassle of frequently changing tools as you work. It makes for a more secure way of stocking your tools. It is also better value for your money.