5 Advantages of Using Brass Fireplace Doors

Brass fireplace doors are very useful and there are a number of reasons for using them. Brass is, however, more expensive and will require more cleaning. This means that you will need to understand why the doors are worth installing. Installing Brass fireplace doors is no different from installing any other types of fireplace doors. However, there are a number of benefits and advantages of using brass as the material around fireplaces.

Beauty of Brass

Brass is an alloy made of Zinc and Copper. This is a very expensive material but has a number of benefits. Perhaps the most popular thing about brass is the beauty of the metal. Brass is golden colored and the metal is very shiny and glossy when polished.

If brass is left unpolished for a long period of time then it can become tarnished. However regular polishing should make it possible to keep your brass looking shiny and beautiful forever. When polished properly the brass should have a mirror-like finish.

Another major benefit of brass is that it will go with any type of decor. Brass is suitable for use in modern houses and much more traditional houses. No matter what type of decor you have in your room you will find that brass will suit it well.

Strength of Brass

Brass is an extremely strong and hard wearing material which should not become scratched or damaged easily. This means that, although brass is much more expensive than other materials, it will last much longer. Anyone installing brass doors should be able to get many years of good and reliable service out of them.

As long as the brass is polished with the grain and using the correct polish then there's no reason why you will ever need to consider replacing the brass fireplace doors.

Resistant to Heat

Brass, like most other metals is resistant to heat. This means that as long as the doors are made properly they should not warp or become damaged due to the heat of the fire. Sometimes the heat can cause a discoloration of the brass. However, this is normally a result of soot or dirt collecting on the doors. In this case, the discoloration can simply be removed by using polish and a cloth.


One of the main reasons for using brass is because the alloy is non-corrosive. Even if your fireplace does get wet for any reason it should not show any signs of rust. Instead the doors can simply be cleaned of the signs of water and be made as good as new.

Ease of Cleaning

Although brass can tarnish over time actually cleaning it is fairly easy. It's a glossy material which isn't susceptible to water damage. This means that no matter what happens to it it should be possible to polish and get rid of any marks. Polishing brass might seem like hard work but is can be extremely rewarding.

Specialist cleaning products can be used to polish and buff up brass to give it its shine back. Soft cloths should be used and it will also require plenty of elbow grease to get all the marks out.