5 Advantages of Using Diamond Drill Bits 5 Advantages of Using Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drill bits are useful to have for portable drills. They can drill clean holes through bricks, glass and concrete better than other drill bits. The diameter of the hole you are able drill using one of these bits can be as small as 20mm to as large as 130mm, and as deep as 300 mm. They come in a number of varieties and types, and are stronger in performance and capabilities than their steel counterparts. If you're wondering about the advantages of using diamond drill bits, here are just 5:

Advantage 1 - Cuts through Tougher Materials

Diamond drill bits are designed to drill holes through heavy duty material, even concrete and stone. You may not get clean cuts with other drill bits, such as masonry bits. Diamond drill bits, on the other hand, will cut right through the toughest material you've got, with no problem.

Advantage 2 - Speed

Not only do diamond drill bits cut through everything from glass to marble, it can do so at relatively high speeds. Diamond is one the toughest materials found on earth, and a drill bit made out of it will quickly tear through most materials. You don't have to worry about chips flying around either, because it still drills a clean hole, even while working fast.

Advantage 3 - Metal Bonded Bits

This type will last longer than your typical diamond drill bit that is nickel bonded, because of the multiple layers of diamond packed tightly around the metal. Although these are more expensive, you'll have the advantage of longer lasting bits that can be used on more materials and can hold up well. Even the standard diamond bits will last up to 4 times longer than non-diamond bits.

Advantage 4 - Prevents Chips and Cracks

The last thing you want when cutting through glass, stone, bricks or concrete is chips and cracks. If you don't use diamond drill bits, that's exactly what you'll get because other bits aren't strong enough to handle these materials. It will cost you more to replace your building materials and damaged bits than it would to make the investment and use diamond drill bits in the first place. 

Advantage 5 - Minimal Noise

Not having a huge amount of noise while working is a benefit to many who have to do a lot of drilling. The speed of using diamond drill bits and the ease by which it can cut through strong material, makes for much less noise. If you prefer drilling with as little noise as possible, then these are the bits for you.

You'll need to learn to use diamond drill bits carefully in order to get the results you want. For example, you have to know when and how to use water for lubrication. Once you do learn how to use these specialized bits, you'll be able to benefit from all of these advantages. Buy the metal bonded diamond drill bits if possible, and you'll have bits that will last for a long time.

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