5 Advantages of Using Hook and Loop Sanding Discs

Hook and loop sanding discs have become common and are used with orbital sanders. They’ve largely replaced the older adhesive discs that would be screwed on the machine. They offer several distinct advantages over the old method, below are five of the most important advantages of these machines.

Advantage 1: Speed

It’s much faster to change, or replace, hook and loop sanding discs on a sander. All you need to do is pull them off when you need to put on a new one. They are attached with Velcro, so they couldn’t be easier to remove. With a disc that attached by screw, changing discs was a very involved procedure. You had to stop, put the drill down and find your screwdriver. After that, you had to unscrew and remove the old disc before reversing the entire process with the new disc. It regularly took 2-3 minutes.

With an adhesive disc things move faster. You only had to pull off the old disc, carefully line up the new one and press it down and they didn’t always stick properly. You’d only discover that when you began to use one. Hook and loop sanding discs take just a few seconds to attach to a disc and stay very firmly seated. Removing them is simply a matter of pulling them off.

Advantage 2: Reliability

Older styles of sanding discs could be prone to failing. The adhesive might be weak on a stick-on sanding disc, making it useless very quickly. With a screw in disc, tears from the center hole that can rip the disc apart are common. Hook and loop sanding discs aren’t prone to those failures The Velcro keeps them secure and once positioned, they don’t move easily.

Advantage 3: Flexibility

Hook and loops sanding discs are available in all grits, making them ideal for all kinds of jobs on wood, metal and more. In other words, they’re a fully viable alternative to the old methods. If a disc is still viable, re-using it is very easy, which wasn’t always true of the old methods. You only need to set the disc aside until you next need it and there’s no danger of adhesive drying or a center hole ripping.

Advantage 4: Price

Hook and loop sanding discs are a little more expensive than other sanding discs on the market. The increased price is more than offset by the convenience of use. These discs save time and results in fewer wasted discs. They’re very widely available in hardware stores and online. You do need a special backing to which you can attach them.

Advantage 5: Efficiency

You can buy hook and loop sanding discs with both pressure holes, and without. Either way, they’re every bit as efficient as other style of sanding discs, no matter what the grit. The quality will vary by brand and some will be better than others.