5 Advantages of Using Oil Central Heating Systems

Oil central heating systems are not as common today as they used to be, but more than 350,000 new homes were built with oil central heating systems in the last decade alone. Though many people believe that this type of heating system has gone out of fashion, the truth  is that the technology has advanced so that oil central heating systems now boast quite a few advantages.

Heating Oil has Drastically Dropped in Price

One of the biggest complaints of homeowners that use oil central heating systems in the past was the cost to run the system. The cost of the oil, tanks and maintenance seemed to be high relative to the other heating options. However, if you adjust for inflation, the cost of the heating oil is actually cheaper than it was 30 years ago. That is just the heating oil itself. If you install a new and efficient central heating system, you will be surprised at how long the oil lasts. New systems are very efficient and don’t use as much oil to run as past models.

Oil Central Heating Systems Are Environmentally-Friendly

Again, some people can only remember the smoke and soot that was produced by the oil heating systems of old. New technology has allowed manufacturers to produce oil central heating systems that meet and exceed the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. There are no emissions from running a modern oil central heating system. One of the biggest benefits to the environment is the fact that the storage tanks are reusable. They can literally last for decades with good maintenance. 

Heating Oil Is Safe

Unlike gas that is combustible when exposed to a flame, oil heat is not combustible in its liquid state. Heating oil also provides visible indication of some sort of problem. If there was a problem with your oil central heating system leaking and exposing your family to noxious fumes, there would be smoke that can be clearly identified. Unlike gas heat which is invisible, oil heat will produce a dark smoke that can alert you to a serious problem with your system.

Flexible Purchase Plans

Most large municipalities don’t offer oil heating as a part of their energy offerings. Therefore, many homeowners are under the impression that they will have to drop down a large sum of money in order to acquire the oil needed to run their oil central heating system. In fact this is not true at all. Like most other power suppliers, heating oil dealers will allow you to pay for your oil on a budget system. This means that instead of paying for 80 percent of your oil heating needs in 3 or 4 months, you can average the cost and spread it out evenly over the entire year.

Oil Central Heating Systems Heat Quickly

Because oil central heating systems are able to heat with more force and at a higher temperature, your home warms up faster than with other central heating systems. In fact, one gallon of oil can heat more than 125,000 BTUs. 

There you have it. There are a number of advantages to choosing an oil central heating system in your home. Consider the benefits and decide if such a system is for you.