5 Advantages of Using Pine Lumber

Pine lumber is one of the most affordable and versatile options for wood. It's great to use for fencing, flooring and framing, but you can use pine lumber in many different building projects. When you consider the benefits of using pine lumber, you might make it your first choice for many of your lumber needs. Here are 5 advantages of using pine lumber:

1: Pine Lumber is Affordable

You're not going to break the bank when you use pine lumber, the way you would using some other materials. Pine is inexpensive because it's found naturally throughout the United States. There is so much supply, which makes it cheap to buy. If you're looking for ways to keep costs down, you should buy pine lumber. Treated pine lumber does cost more, but you’ll prevent it from decaying and rotting.

Pine Lumber Can Resist Decay and Rot

Pine lumber can be pressure treated to resist decay and rotting, and it's worth the additional expense. Some types of pine lumber are naturally resistant to decay, but the treatment is more effective. You don't want to invest time and money in using lumber that will end up rotting. You'll have to replace it, and start the installation or building process all over again. For example, if you've ever installed a fence, you know that it's labor intensive even though it's easy to put together. If it rots, you'll have to start all over again. That's why it's so important to get your pine lumber pressure treated. Alkaline Copper Quat is one option for pressure treatment that doesn't contain many harmful chemicals.

Advantage #3:  Easy to Drive Nails Through

You'll appreciate how well pine lumber accepts nails, when compared to some of other treated and non-treated materials. You can get bogged down trying to drive a nail through something. Some materials require you to pre-drill holes, which can be a huge time waster. You can avoid all of those problems with pine lumber. It also holds the nails well, so that they don't pop out of the wood, as is the problem with other soft woods.

4: Natural Decorative Design

 Pine lumber has natural patterns that make it a popular choice for decorative solutions. If you can’t afford to paint, or prefer not to, the grain in the pine can stand on its own. It’s a great decorative solution for moulding, casing and trimming projects.

Great for High-Foot Traffic Areas

If you need lumber to build a deck, patio or for other flooring that will get a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want to use pine lumber. It resists wear well, and it’s affordable, which makes it a great choice for these kinds of projects. It’s best to get treated pine lumber for your flooring needs for the best results.

Pine lumber isn’t perfect, but it’s a great solution for low-cost building materials. You’ll also enjoy its natural decorative elements.