5 Advantages of Using Polyurethane Bushings

The present day car mechanic already has choices between polyurethane bushings and rubber bushings for cars. A lot of car mechanics prefer using the former as compared to the latter because of its strength, durability and reliability. It used to be that rubber bushings were the only type used, especially during the 1960's up until the 1970's. It was only when the polyurethane bushings were invented in the middle of 1990's, that there was a decline in the use of rubber bushings. Let us learn why the former is used more than the latter, plus the advantages of using a polyurethane bushing as compared to a rubber bushing.

Advantage 1 - Can Be Used for a Wide Variety of Automobiles

It has been proven that polyurethane bushings are as hard as rubber. This hardness, called the durometer, of polyurethane can be made at different levels. Each level of durometer strength is used differently, depending on the type of car, whether the car is for sport, compact or off road truck, hopping low rider or a street rod.

Advantage 2 - Improved Car Handling

As said earlier, polyurethane bushings are quite hard, and can even surpass the durometer of a rubber bushing. However, the hardness makes the bushing less compliant than a rubber bushing, giving the car driver better handling in the manoeuvrability of the car. Further, due to an owner’s taste for the height of their car or off road trucks, the lowering or rising of the car beyond the stock specifications can easily weaken rubber bushings while polyurethane bushings are not easily affected.

Advantage 3 - Better Reliability of Polyurethane bushings

Polyurethane bushings have been tested to be more reliable, even with the atmospheric elements that they are exposed to. Especially combined with all the car accessories installed and the streets with plenty of potholes that the car is exposed to, this takes its toll on the bushings, plus the undercar grit, higher horsepower, grime, big tires and lifted suspensions. But the polyurethane bushing still holds up against stressed suspension components, controls arms and sway bars, unlike with rubber bushings, which can get stressed.

Advantage 4 - Longer Service Life

Rubber bushings are more prone to deterioration and can lead to cracking of the bushings. The presence of cracks will affect the safety and manoeuvrability of the car. If you are using a polyurethane bushing, it is much sturdier and can withstand the test of time and can be used much longer than the rubber bushing, especially coupled with atmospheric elements that will really take its toll on rubber bushings.

Advantage 5 - Other Benefits from Polyurethane Bushing

The use of polyurethane bushings can stiffen up the suspension, affording the vehicle an enhanced cornering and turning-in response, while reducing the body roll, especially for lifted vehicles. Further, you can also make use of a polyurethane bushing, even if you have a suspension lift or otherwise, just to give an additional clearance for your big, off-road tires. Bushings are also there to cushion and absorb the vibrations of the car motion, giving you a smoother ride.