5 Advantages to Using a Polyimide Adhesive

Polyimide adhesive is used in a wide range of applications in the industrial sector. This adhesive contains chemical substances that make it resistant to many types of elements. As result, you will find this adhesive being used in cars, microwave ovens and building construction. The adhesive can also be used for domestic purposes. The advantages of polyimide adhesives are as follows:

Heat Resistant

Polyimide adhesives are resistant to heat. Therefore, they are suitable for applications in which heat is produced. These adhesives are also fire resistant. Therefore, the bond will not be broken if the fire temperature increases.

Corrosion Resistant

Polyimide adhesives are widely used in the construction of cars because they are resistant to corrosion. There is a lot compounds that cause corrosion, such as battery acids and fuel, and most adhesives cannot withstand such conditions. The glue cannot be deteriorated by many types of substances, such as kerosene, alcohols, ethers, esters and hydrocarbons.

Resistant to Oils

Polyimide adhesives can withstand many types of oils. They also allow UV rays to pass through and are thermally stable.


Tests done on Polyimide glue show that it is a strong adhesive that forms a bond that lasts longer. Hence, it is used in a wide range of manufactured products, such as laptops,electronics and car parts.

Mechanical Properties

Polyimide adhesive has excellent mechanical properties that allow it to be used in medical tubing, flexible cables and insulating films. It can be used for attaching polyimide buffers that absorb mechanical stress.