5 Applications for a Putty Knife 5 Applications for a Putty Knife

A putty knife is a utility tool which comes with an elongated handle that’s easy for manual handling of the tool. It has a screw bit mechanism and a blade. It is also sometimes called the spackle knife. The construction of the putty knife is somewhat similar to a spatula that’s used in kitchens. The most distinguishing feature of the putty knife is its flat blade and its sturdy handle. A putty knife can be used for a wide variety of construction and repair jobs.

1 - Putty application

Putty knife, as the name indicates, is used in home construction jobs and home repair jobs, for the application of putty around glass panes. It helps you to shape the putty and apply it to any area. They are especially useful tools because they help you to reach out to the hard-to-get corner joints, around doors, windows and cabinets. The knife is also designed in such a way, so that it allows you to spread the putty along the glass window panes easily and neatly. Apart from this, putty knives are also used to apply putty on the edges of door and window jambs.

2 - Scraping Putty off Surfaces

When you are dismantling a wooden cabinet, a window pane or doors, the putty knife can be used to scrape away the old dry putty from the corners of the window and door panels. These putty knives are available in a number of sizes. You have to pick the right size if you wish to scrape away dried putty. This size also depends on the place you are likely to use it. A gentle, but firm, scraping procedure could help scrape away any old putty and dismantle or remove certain objects like window panes or cabinet mountings.

3 - Spreading Materials

Putty knives are also used to spread plaster on various surfaces. If you’re doing small home repair jobs that require you to use cement to seal a particular area, a large knife not only helps you to spread the cement around, but also helps you to neatly level the surface and spread plaster or cement evenly. You don't have to go in for a professional plaster applicator for this purpose.

4 - Scraping off Plaster

Sometimes during repair jobs, plaster that may have fallen inadvertently can be removed using a putty knife. In this case it would be wiser to remove the plaster after it has dried as it could spread if removed when wet.

5 - Application of Patching Plaster

Putty knives are used to apply patching plaster in the cracks in wall boards and for other drywall applications. In such cases, a flexible putty knife that’s wide enough to spread the plaster along the cracks should be used, before the surface can be painted upon.

Putty knives are very handy tools that can be used for many home repair and home improvement jobs. You may go online to search for putty knives at a discounted price or look for them in your local hardware store.










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