5 ASTM Specifications on Chain Link Fencing

When it comes to the American Society for Testing and Materials, the ASTM specifications for chain link fencing are pretty clear. Here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

ASTM F1043 - Standard Specification for Strength and Protective Coatings on Steel Industrial Chain Link Fence Framework

This guideline lays out the covering and strength of the protective coating for any chain link fence. Basically this regulation says that you have to base the height and size of the framework and post spacing on the mesh fabric size of the chain link fence as well as the gauges and specific wind loads. There are type A, B and C for external coatings as well as Type A, B, C and D for internal coatings. It also says that when zinc is being used should be applied with a hot dipped method. And that a strength, adhesion, tension and cross hatch test have to be performed to meet the standards set out.

 ASTM F1712 - Specification for Steel Chain-Link Fencing Materials Used for High Security Applications

This guideline basically talks about what kind of chain link fencing can be used when it comes to high security buildings such as a detention center or prison. There needs to be fabric that is attached to tie wires and the terminal posts need to be attached using tension bands or even vertical strips. Also, in addition to the chain link fence, barbed wire has to be put in place.

ASTM F552 - Standard Terminology Related to Chain Link Fencing

This section relates to any words or terms that are used when it comes to chain link fencing. You can refer to it when reading instruction that you do not understand.

ASTM F567 - Practice For Installation of Chain Link

This section basically lays out the installation process that is involved when it comes to chain link fences and what the regulations are. In the guidelines it discusses how to prepare the site before installation as well as post location and setting and how to brace the posts after they are installed. Also, you can find out how to attach the chain link fence to other types of fencing such as barbed wire as well as decide which accessories you will need or want to use.

ASTM 626 - Specification for Fence Fittings

This guideline discusses the general fittings for post caps, line caps, braces, bands and color coated fittings. It basically spells out what kinds of accessories to use as well as how to attach them and when the appropriate time to use them is. There is a section for each type of fitting or accessory so that it is clear and easy to find.

Each one of these specifications is put in place to guide you in the decision making as well as installation process that goes along with a chain link fence. It covers every basis and you can answer any question that you may have through these guidelines.