5 Benefits of a Cordless Sander

Electric sanders are common in every wood working shop or garage. However, the main problem with some of the most heavy-duty models is that they are attached to a cord that is plugged into a wall. Many cordless sanders, excluding floor sanders, have come on the market with the same power and the same consistency as their predecessors.  What are the benefits?


Working on projects that are far away from electrical sources can be a problem; however, you can use a cordless sander for many projects with hard to reach places. Working on projects away from your garage is a definite advantage of battery-operated sanders.  

Safety First

One of the most obvious reasons for purchasing a cordless sander is your safety. Sander cords are notorious for getting caught up in the belt, getting tangled and generally creating a hazardous work environment. Having no cord to deal with will create a safer workspace and eliminate any need to replace damaged or malfunctioning power cords.

Maximum Charge

There is no need to worry about replacing batteries because you can work with a charged sander for up to three hours without it showing any signs of slowing down. New maximum life batteries allow for faster charging and for longer running time of your cordless sander. Have a spare battery available while you are working in case your project is taking longer than the expected battery life.

Ventilation and Dust Collection

Most cordless sanders have their own sawdust collection systems. Usually, these look much like a vacuum cleaner bag and will suck up all of the dust and debris that is left behind from your job.  Once the bag is full, simply empty it out and get back to work.  There is no need to worry about working in ventilated areas with this type of sander, which will not only make your area cleaner, but keep you healthier as well. 

Storage and Weight

Another problem with corded power sanders is that they tend to be bulky and difficult to store when they are not in use. Once you begin using a cordless sander, much of the difficulty is eliminated. Also, cordless sanders are usually much lighter and therefore, less of a burden when carrying or storing in toolboxes.  With many new advances in battery technology as well as in product development, cordless sanders are becoming the preferred tool.

With so many benefit of a cordless sander it goes to show that there are many reasons to have one in your home, workshop or place of employment.