5 Benefits of a Dog Eared Fence

A dog eared fence refers to a traditional style of fencing that is cut at the top on a slant on either side of the posts. The tips of the individual fence boards are cut on an angle to create an appearance that is similar to a page in a book being turned under.

The dog ear style helps to break up the monotony of a flat-topped fence and add a little extra depth. It is a simple design so it is inexpensive compared to other decorative fences, which makes it a popular design among home builders.

Dog eared fences can be constructed using a variety of materials such as aluminum or vinyl, but the most popular material for this kind of design is wood. The wood slats can either be placed right next to each other or they can be spaced apart for a more open, but less private, look.

Whichever spacing you opt for, the advantages of a dog ear fence definitely outweigh the disadvantages.


1. Inexpensive

2. Easy to construct if you're doing all yourself, or easy to set-up if you're getting the materials delivered in pre-built panels.

3. The spaced dog eared style allows for wind to flow freely through the slats

4. No need to cement the posts in the ground

5. Appealing, traditional look


The "display" side is shown outside your yard; the side that you see is the side that has a view of the posts and the rails that hold the posts together.