5 Benefits of a Venetian Plaster Wall Finish

Venetian plaster is a wall finish made of slaked lime and marble dust. It has many benefits over some more traditional wall treatments, such as vinyl or drywall. Originally most commonly seen on walls in Venice, Italy, during the late 16th century, Venetian plaster has recently become one of the most frequently requested wall finishes on the market. Below are 5 of the reasons this material is so popular.


Venetian plaster is one of the most versatile wall treatments available. It can be applied to almost any new or pre-existing interior wall or ceiling, including:




Cement board

Exterior wood

Brick wall surfaces

In addition, it is the easiest wall treatment to use on columns and in archways.


Venetian plaster dries to a rock-like hardness, making it exceptionally durable. It resists shrinking and also has some flex to it, so it withstands impacts that could cause other wall finishes to crack. If there ever is an imperfection that needs to be patched, Venetian plaster can be repaired with little cost or effort since it won't require replacing a larger section of the wall.

Easy to Maintain

Venetian plaster is among the easiest wall finishes to maintain. It is distributed in a variety of pre-mixed pigments that last many years without fading. This makes it unnecessary to paint. It also wets and dries very quickly, so even exterior walls are almost effortless to clean. By allowing water vapor to permeate freely and water to evaporate easily, plaster avoids trapping moisture under the surface, which can be problematic with other finishes, such as vinyl.


Venetian plaster is timeless and interchangeable. Even though the pre-mixed coloring eliminates the need to paint, Venetian plaster is an ultra smooth surface which lends itself easily to modifications. With very little preparation, you can easily transform a room from a nursery into a child's or teen's bedroom, or give your kitchen a quick face lift ,to always maintain a fresh appearance in your home.


Venetian plaster is one easy way to "go green." The ingredients are all natural and non-toxic, and when applied in a two or three coat veneer, plaster provides an optimal indoor air quality. Lime is also naturally high in PH, so it automatically acts as an antibacterial surface, which inhibits the growth of mold and other fungus. Plaster will also have a positive impact on your energy costs, since it is applied in multiple layers of wood and cement board before the plaster is spread, it is an easy way to add layers of insulation to your home, making your furnace and air conditioner more efficient.

I hope these considerations will take some of the guess work out of your next remodeling project. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your walls will last decades with little or no maintenance, and that your family is breathing healthy, toxin-free air.