5 Benefits of Cordless Roman Shades

When confronted with the option to go cordless, understanding the benefits can easily justify the 25% cost increase for this enhancement to your roman shades. This article will review 5 positive reasons to choose cordless roman shades and literally ditch the ball and chains. Although this recommendation is based on a culmination of all five benefits, factors such as children and window locations and positions can carry enough individual importance to justify the added expense.


It sounds cliché to say that you cannot put a price tag on safety, but where young children are especially concerned, this statement is absolutely true, and is probably the main reason to go with cordless versus corded roman shades. This benefit is so important, in fact, that the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has spent considerable resources researching the safety of corded window treatments and issuing safety recalls for a number of corded roman shades. The most recent recall, issued this October, involves nearly 1 million corded roman shades from three different manufacturers. The issue arises out of a possible strangulation hazard when the cord is not attached to the wall or floor with the proper tension. The CPSC has gone on record with the recommendation to replace cordless window coverings with cordless or motorized shades.


Today’s design trends are all about masking elements that do not contribute to the overall design theme. Refrigerators, for example, can now be outfitted with faces that allow them to blend in as kitchen cabinets. Cordless roman shades adhere to this sleek design standard, removing unsightly cords that disrupt the visual appeal of the fabric itself.

Ease of Use

Let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t struggled with choosing which cord to pull to lift a blind or shade? It seems like 9 out of every 10 times you pull the wrong one. The close and lift mechanisms of cordless roman shades eliminate this hassle. Most operate by pressing a button or grabbing a small tab and pulling in the direction you wish the shade to move.

Improved Performance

Cords pose two major operational flaws: tangling and kinking. The disappearance of cords offers a smooth and consistent gliding operation to the roman shades and will prevent you from having to untie mega-knots.


The control mechanism of most cordless roman shades is located at the bottom, ending the need to stand on stools or furniture to reach cords that only partially drop from the top of the window treatment. This allows you to install cordless roman shades in high or hard-to-access spaces, providing you with greater flexibility in lighting control options.

Evaluating these options against your budget can mean that the best option for you personally is to incorporate a mix of cordless and corded roman shades. Be advised though: once you install the cordless roman shades, you may fall in love with the sleek lines and find yourself jumping through hoops to exchange the shades with cords.