5 Benefits of Performance Air Filters

You should be considering a performance air filter if you are thinking of changing your stock air filter. Performance air filters are the best type of replacement air filters on the market. There are a lot of benefits you that can get from using a performance air filter.

Benefit #1 - Boosts Engine Horsepower

One thing you will notice immediately after installing a performance air filter is a boost in your engine’s horsepower. The exact percentage boost depends on the size of your engine; but the change ranges from 2% to 4%. There is no way you will not notice this.

Benefit #2 - Improve Fuel Economy

When you install a performance air filter, the mile-per-gas (mpg) ratio will change. The improvement should be in the range of 1to 2 mpg. This is because the engine gets enough air to efficiently burn fuel. This means you get more distance with each drop of gas. Another reason for changes in your gas consumption is that with the improved horsepower you will possibly change your driving style. Only a few people take advantage of this though.

Benefit #3 - Protects Your Engine

Performance air filters allow the engine to perform without much hindrance. Normal air filters don’t allow the right amount of air that is needed by the engine to get into it. An engine needs enough air just like human beings. You suffer if you don’t get enough air to breathe, that is what happens to the engine also. With more air entering it, your engine’s lifespan increases. This comes in addition to its efficiency.

Benefit #4 - Easy to Install

Another reason why people change to performance air filters is that they are easy to install. They are made in a way that they fit perfectly in the place of the normal air filter. You don’t usually need any modification on your car in order to install it. All you need to do is to look for the part number of your stock air filter and buy the performance air filter that matches it.

Performance air filters come ready-to-use. They are pre-oiled with the right type of oil and in the right amount. That makes it possible for you to install it yourself if you have the minimum number of tools available. There are newer models that are not supposed to be oiled before use. You must read the instructions well because you oiling a non-oil filter will damage it.

Benefit #5 - Saves Money

This sounds ironical because performance air filters are more expensive than stock models. But is you look at the benefits that it brings with it, you will realize that you save money by buying it. Here is how:

  • You don’t have to change it very often
  • You spend less on fuel
  • You have a longer lasting engine
  • It is easily maintained. You can clean it yourself and not very often

All these should come with cost but you avoid all that.

With all the above benefits, you should be looking for a performance air filter for your car.