5 Benefits to Self-Rimming Sinks

metal sink with rims and faucet sunk into counter

If you need to install a new kitchen sink, consider choosing a self-rimming unit. Self-rimming sinks have rounded corners; they are mounted on the countertop. There are several advantages to this type of installation. This article will provide you with a few reasons why they are an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Easiest to Install

Self-rimming sinks are the easiest kitchen sinks to install. In most cases, you only need plumber's putty for the drains and seals on the pipes. Drop a self-rimming sink into place, then connect the plumbing. You won't even use sink clips.

Installing the sink yourself is a great project that allows you to save money while learning a skill that will help you feel more confident when doing other repair and maintenance chores around the home.

Simple Design Means Fewer Leaks

The simple design of most self-rimming sinks means that they pose fewer problems with leaks. Because self-rimming sinks are usually made from single-piece molded designs, there are very few seams where a leak could sprout. If you are looking for a sink that will never leak, a self-rimming design may be right for you.

Easy to Replace

Just as they are the kitchen sink to install, self-rimming sinks are also the easiest to replace. Replacing a self-rimming sink is as simple as disconnecting the plumbing, lifting the old sink from the countertop, and installing a new unit. You can replace a self-rimming kitchen sink in as little as 30 minutes.

Matches Most Countertops

Self-rimming sinks are an excellent choice for mixing and matching with countertop materials and backsplash elements. You can find a self-rimming kitchen sink that will match any countertop, kitchen backsplash, or another part of your kitchen design. Most self-rimming sinks are made of stainless steel, which looks great in any space.

Less Expensive

Self-rimming sinks are much less expensive than other types of sinks. They are often produced using steel injection methods that them to be produced efficiently. The popularity of these sinks also means that manufacturers offer competitive pricing.