5 Best Brands for Stroller Canopies

When considering the kind of stroller canopies that are available for purchase, people often judge them by a number of requirements, including ease of folding, storage ability, size, and the comfort of the canopy. Choosing the right stroller canopy can be a difficult decision, particularly if you don't know what the different brands have to offer. Rather than opting for the first canopy that comes your way, you can take a look around, and check out some of the best brands for stroller canopies available.


Maclaren make a wide range of strollers with canopies, from the Quest stroller to the Triumph. These canopies are usually small, half-circle shaped devices which are ideal for sunny weather. Others such as the Volo Umbrella strollers, have larger hoods which are more suited to protecting the child against the rain. Maclaren make a great variety of strollers, for both one child, and double strollers for two children, and all of them have excellent canopies.


Graco make a great range of strollers which are more modern in appearance, and tend not to look so much like the umbrella folding strollers, as Maclaren's can do. The Graco strollers come with large protective canopies which are perfect for both sunny weather, and light rain. The Excursion model is a three-wheel buggy with a large canopy which can be moved up and down with the angle of the sun.

Baby Jogger City

This company makes a wind and rain canopy which is intended to fit to the City Mini Single Stroller. This is a clear plastic canopy designed to protect the child from severe rain. The canopy attaches to the front and sides of the stroller, so that you can go out in all kinds of weathers, but also allows for ventilation, avoiding fogging. The water will not prevent you enjoying walks in the park, even for the worst weather. You will be able to see the child at all times, so you can tell if he or she becomes distressed.

Baby Jogger Summit Bug Canopy

This canopy is the opposite of the variety above, being intended for warmer weather, and provides a sort of veil which reaches to the bottom of the stroller. This can be fitted to keep the child away from direct sunlight, but is mainly intended to protect a child from flies and other insects which might be attracted to the warmth of the stroller. and is made from fine mesh, which means that it is properly vented in case of overheating. The mesh is not see-through, however, so unlike the City variety, you will not be able to see the child while the canopy is in use.

Bugaboo Bee

These canopies are typically ideal for sun, and versions such as the Breezy Sun canopy have meshed areas at the side which allow for ventilation during extra warm days, and also mean that you can see the child from the side, so you can ensure that the canopy is fully protecting them from the sun.