5 Best Dorm Room Comfort Items

Moving away from home and onto a strange campus, often times in a strange and new city can be a simultaneously exciting and frightening experience for a freshly-graduated teenager. However, with a few purchases and homemade goodies, a new college freshmen's dorm room can be as comfortable as going home on Thanksgiving.

1. Refrigerator

Few things are as comforting to a kid at home than opening up the fridge to get a snack or sneak a gulp of juice from the carton. A mini fridge is perfect for the dorm room: Small in size but big in conveinence, the mini fridge lets the dorm room inhabitant have access to college staples and treats right as his or her hand.

2. Slippers

Often times, dorm room and dorm hall flooring is either wooden or harshly carpeted. A fuzzy pair of thick slippers keeps the toes cushioned, warm and helps maintain sanitation within the dorm hall.

3. Electric Fan

Unless they're headed off to a school with a brand new dormitory, most college freshmen will find themselves in an awkwardly regulated dorm. A box fan or mini-clip fan is a great way to make sure the dorm stays cool on hot nights. Bonus: Fans have the capacity to block out unwanted noise, abetting in studying and sleep.

4. Pictures from Home

Regardless of how much they deny it, college students get homesick from time to time. Having a few frames or a bulletin board with family pictures adds a nice touch of support from the family. Pictures make a great send-off-to-college gift, too.

5. Comfortable Bedding

Sleep is the one time when college students can finally relax. Making sure that a dorm dweller has the most comfortable bedding he or she wants is a necessity. Whether it's jersey cotton sheets, a silk duvet cover or even the ratty, 15-year-old blanket, a dorm room's bed will provide the most comfort for the sleep-deprived college student.