5 Best Materials for Glass Bifold Doors

The best materials to use for glass bifold doors depend on where and how you will be using the door. For example, are you using the door for exterior reasons? Is your door inside? Is it dividing a room? Or is it going to be a stationary component that will make a statement about who you are, your design styles and your home’s atmosphere? Consider these questions when choosing materials for your glass doors.

White Classic French Glass Bifold Door

If you are looking for light and elegance, choose a white classic French glass bifold door. This is the perfect choice to any bedroom, foyer and other living areas. Use a clean clear or decorative glass for ample light exposure.

Aluminum Framed Glass Bifold Door

Getting rid of that sliding glass door? Are you expanding the exposure your home has to a nice cool summer breeze? Purchase aluminum framed glass bifold doors to easily expand your exit or entryway. It is sturdy and will last a long time, given proper care and maintenance. This material will keep the warmth in during cooler seasons, allow maximum air flow into the home and stop water from gathering and entering in the home. 

Steel Framed Glass Bifold Doors

Known for durability, steel will provide you with a strudy exterior glass bifold door that will last.

Wood Framed Glass Bifold Doors

This is a great use for an interior space. Match the wood to your interior. Stain it, paint it white or paint the frame a funky color to match or contrast your space. Add great pulls to transform your space into something unique, something exciting and something you.

If you like the elegance of natural wood, try using clear pine, suitable wood for staining or painting. If you like to show off the natural wood, consider adding a coat of clear wood coat to protect the wood from penetrating smells and/or stains.

Veneer Core

You have the option to purchase a bifold glass door as solid wood, metal or even veneer. An engineered veneer core is essential if you are installing the door in a location that may cause the bifold door to warp. If you need a sturdy, straight door, this is the material for you.