5 Best Places to Install the Cold Air Return for a Duct System

A cold air return duct works like a vent to bring colder air to heaters. It warms the air and sends it back out to heat the house. Here are 5 best places to install one:

1. Between Studs

A cold duct can be put between the studs in your wall. Check building codes to see if external insulation is required. After you install the duct, add framing around the top and bottom.

2. In Ceilings

A cold air duct can be installed in ceilings. Cut a hole to fit, run your existing furnace vents into this opening and ensure the piping reaches each vent.

3. In Wall Cavities

A cold air duct can be put within wall cavities. Cut a hole to fit and use sheet metal to attach it to existing piping.

4. In a Closet

This type of duct can go in the corner of a closet. Line it up with the rest of the piping.

5. In a Corner of a Room

One of these ducts can be put in a corner. Make a hole in the drywall to fit and line up your furnace piping to the duct.

Cold air return ducts can be installed in several places, it all depends on your situation you are.