5 Best Uses for a Double Bit Axe

There are different types of axes that can be found today, including the single bit axe, double bit axe, Shingling hatchet, and splitting maul. All of them are made with one purpose: cutting. Generally, axes come in different forms, but all with basic parts like a head and a handle. The double bit axe is composed of two blades. One edge is kept in a sharp condition and the other is usually rather blunt as a result of hacking around rocks or dirt. This tool is mainly used by professional lumberjacks.

1. Cut Lumber

This type of axe can be used for cutting lumber when it requires a two edge axe: one for thicker and more obtuse angles and the other for sharper and thinner angles. A double bit axe is one of the options that woodsmen use to get their task done quickly. A double bit is a very sharp object, making it ideal for cutting lumber.

2. Chop Fire Wood

Axes are used to chop down fire wood for cooking and heating. When you need firewood a double bit axe is handy for its defined sharpness and accuracy in cutting. This is because it has double axe bits and they are much heavier compared to other types of axe. The force produced by its heaviness creates a quicker and more accurate cut.

3. Chop Down Stray Tree Branches

It can easily chop down stray tree branches that obstruct your home or garden. When you have a neighboring tree and need to cut it, the best way to do it is by using a double bit axe. This is because of its power in cutting. It will take you no time to get those tree branches.

4. Trim, Cut and Shape Woods

This type is generally used for trimming, cutting and shaping woods that can be used for art crafts or furniture. When you need a piece of wood to make furniture or an art craft, you will need sufficient wood. The sharpness of its bits are powerful enough to cause very little damage to the wood while it is being cut.

5. Woodsman Sport

This is now being used in woodsman sport where a double bit axe is being thrown to the center of target and points are awarded. Today, as the sport has been developed using an axe, the double bit axe was the chosen type. As mentioned above, since it has double blades, the head of the axe is heavy enough to have a balanced grip on the body. When throwing it, the heaviness adds up to a great amount of power.