5 Best Uses for a Plasma Cutter

If you watch one of the extreme building shows you would have most likely seen a plasma cutter being put to good use. To most people a plasma cutter looks like something from a Science Fiction novel or movie but it is actually more basic than that. Plasma cutters make use of inert gas combined with electrical current. The resulting byproduct is a torch that can slice through metal. The inert gas is pushed through the tip of the plasma cutter at a high rate of speed. That is followed by an arc of electricity which heats the gas. This changes the gas into plasma which is hot enough to melt metal as it cuts. The bonus of a plasma cutter is that the cut it makes is smooth and clean. The following article will explain what a plasma cutter is best used for.

Fabricating Metal on the Road

The technology used to create a plasma cutter is able to be applied to a device that can be portable. This is a especially useful to contractors on job sites. Metal would have had to be ordered to length or cut in the shop prior to using a portable plasma cutter. The portable plasma cutter is an invaluable tool for the HVAC and mechanical contracting fields. Repairs can now be done in the field. This type of tool can save a company money and time spent on a location.

Metal Art

Artists are always trying to find new ways of producing their work. For those involved in metal art a plasma cutter opens up an entirely new world. An artist would use a scaled down version of a commercial plasma cutter but the final outcome is the same. Artists find this tool particularly useful because it can create very minute incisions. This means they can create intricate designs and patterns. You can also create metal stencils which can be applied to making art.

Metal Recycling

Junkyards still exist but they're being slowly phased out due to space limitations. Most junkyards make money selling parts to consumers but also selling scrap metal. This metal is melted down and formed and reused in a myriad of applications. A plasma cutter is particularly useful in this industry because you can quickly cut pieces of metal and store them nicely. This will increase space and productivity.


Plumbers on large jobs often have to cut length of pipe on the spot. This isn't possible with standard cutters because they waste time and resources going from site to shop to cut pipe. Using a regular torch can cause the cut ends of pipe to warp. Pipe ends need to be able to fit together perfectly and this can be achieved by using a plasma cutter. It creates smooth edge and quicker cut.

Industrial Manufacturing

In the field of manufacturing plasma cutters are typically controlled by a computer. The purpose is to create the same cut hundreds and thousands of time without making a mistake. This is seen a lot in the heating and air conditioning industries.