5 Best Uses for a Snap On Torque Wrench

Snap On is known for the quality of its tools, and the Snap On torque wrench is no exception. It’s made to be extremely accurate, for professional use, and to be extremely durable. A Snap On torque wrench is intended primarily for automotive use, but it has other applications, too. It’s a relatively expensive tool, but is backed by the warranty that the company has for everything it sells.


In any vehicle engine or suspension, there are bolts that have to be tightened to a certain pressure. A Snap On torque wrench will ensure that you’re able to tighten everything to the exact pressure, whether you use a clicker or digital torque wrench.

You do need to make sure that the torque wrench is properly calibrated before you begin, and with a new Snap on torque wrench it will be. You can use it for tightening the bolts when you replace the cylinder head, for instance, or when you’re put on shocks or struts. Note that you should not use a torque wrench on the universal joint of a vehicle. As the drive angle increases, so the torque of the universal join increases.


If you’re on any kind of an engineering project, you can use a Snap On torque wrench. Where the precise pressure of a bolt is important, you need to use a torque wrench. This might be in supporting a structure, or if you’re possibly building a steam engine. It’s a vital part of any serious tool kit.


Like cars or trucks, motorcycles have bots that need to be at exact pressures. If you work on yours, you’ll need to own a Snap On torque wrench, and you might also need an extension to reach down into in accessible areas. These days you should probably go for a digital Snap On torque wrench if you’re buying something new. They’re easy to read, and you’re certain to be exact with the pressure.


It might seem unlikely, but many bicycles are so advanced these days that bolts need to be on at particular pressures. This is especially true of racing bikes, where carbon fiber is very commonly used. That means exact torque specifications, so a Snap On torque wrench is a vital tool for any cycle mechanic.


If you’re creating a metal frame for a building, you’re going to need some of the important bolts to have a specific torque. You can’t rely on feel for this; you need a Snap On torque wrench to be exact in the pressure and keep the frame secure.

The company offers a wide range of torque wrenches with either a 1 per cent or 2 per cent accuracy, which you need if you’re going to be precise. They also have wrenches with metric conversion scales. Choose the torque wrench that best suits you need. Consider where you’re likely to use it most. If you’re not sure which will work for you, ask a representative, who will be able to advise you.