5 Best Uses for a Torx Wrench

ratchet wrench with various head sizes

A Torx wrench has a cross-section in the shape of a star. This is an internal socket wrench so it does not grasp the outside of a screw but fits into the recess in the head of the bolt or screw.

It is a very useful wrench commonly used in many industries which include computer components, automobiles, production line assemblies, and more. The reason it is so useful is that it does not cam out, or slip when it is being used.

1. Computers

This wrench is frequently used for assembling and taking apart hardware in your computer. If you look at your laptop then you will see little screws that hold everything together. To replace any of the parts, install a new drive, add memory, access the internal part of the computer, and remove these screws.

The Torx wrench will not damage any of the screws and will provide you with a tight fit once you put everything back together.

2. Cars

There are several automobile parts and cars that have parts that specifically use star-shaped screws. For vehicles that have plenty of star-shaped screws, you will need a Torx wrench to do these repairs. This type of screw allows you to tighten the screw as much as possible as it allows for a lot of torque.

The Torx wrench is needed to adjust the seats, change the brake pads, replace the clutch, change the stereo system, change lights, adjust or replace cables, and much more. If you are planning to do car repairs, read your manual and keep a Torx wrench on hand.

3. Assembly Lines

While you need a Torx wrench to repair your car these wrenches are used for constructing the car. The wrench is part of the assembly line and can tighten all the screws properly without damaging the screws or hurting the wrench, which is a problem with many other wrenches and screwdrivers.

Engine assembly lines and the construction of other automobile part assembly lines all use Torx wrenches and this type of wrench is also needed to put all the automobile parts together.

4. Furniture

Many types of furniture can be assembled at home with a Torx wrench. This includes bookcases and cupboards where you screw the different panels together. The Torx wrench is supplied with the kit and is the only tool needed to complete the assembly. The result is sturdy, lasting furniture.

5. Bicycle

A Torx wrench is great to use to install new bicycle tires. There are bolts that fasten the tires to the rotor and you will need this Torx wrench to unfasten the bolts.

This is also very handy as the Torx wrench is very small so you can easily keep it with you when riding as you may need to patch a tire. There are many different sizes of Torx wrenches so make sure you have the correct size on hand.