5 Best Uses for an Anchor Bolt

An anchor bolt is a fairly simple item that allows you to be able to place weight on something and have the bolt redirect that weight to avoid slipping, falling and breaking. Anchor bolts are easy to find and easy to install with some simple tools. Concrete anchor are much harder to install due to the strength of the concrete but it can be done. There is an anchor bolt for nearly any purpose or surface you can find. The following article will explain the best uses for an anchor bolt in its many forms.

1 - Wood to Foundation

Concrete is incredibly strong and formidable but wood, unfortunately, is not. Most homes are built on top of a concrete foundation. This keeps the home from moving as the ground underneath it settles. Wood alone will not be structural sound to withstand the movement. The wood is attached to the concrete foundation using an anchor bolt at each corner. In areas that are prone to earthquakes you may find a special kind of anchor bolt which allows movement of the structure.

2 - Load Transference

Houses are very heavy in vertical and horizontal load. Using an anchor bolt on top of structural walls will prevent this load from being an issue and causing collapse or structural damage. The anchor bolts transfers the load weight to the concrete foundations instead of to the actual frame of the building.

3 - Tethering

If you need to install something to concrete and not have it move then an anchor bolt is very important. You can purchase anchor bolts that include hooks. This allows you to be able to string rope of cable through the loop. Assuming the item is properly secured and the line holding it in place is strong, you'll not have to worry about it moving. You can use an anchor bolt through thick wood to tether a boat or water ski to.

4 - Entertainment Centers

This piece of furniture is rather large and we tend to fill it over capacity with a myriad of electronic devices. The entertainment center rests on the floor and as people traverse the location you will most likely hear or feel the entertainment center moving. This is because it is weighted down and not secure or sturdy. Any wrong move and it could topple over. Install and anchor bolt through the back of the entertainment center and into a stud in the wall. Use several anchor bolts to evenly distribute the weight.

5 - Gym Equipment

Being healthy and exercising is a huge part of a lot people's lives. If you have a home gym (or are thinking of building one) then do not neglect the use of anchor bolts. Some weight machines can be moved or tipped over just from the leverage of the weights attached near the top of the machine. In order to protect yourself, your family and the machines you can install an anchor bolt at each corner directly through the floor into the concrete or thick floor joists. This will solve the potential risk.