5 Best Uses for Wedge Anchors

Wedge Anchors or anchor bolts, as they are popularly called, are used to attach any other material to the concrete. These are inserted using a drill into the concrete. The anchor then expands and holds itself inside the concrete. This anchor is secured by using a bolt or a disk to which material can be fastened or hanged. Given below are some of the best uses of anchors.

1. Hanging Various Paraphernalia around the House

Anchor bolts are used for hanging posters, mirrors, or paintings inside the house. Anchor bolts are especially useful to hang heavy framed paintings around the house. If you own or work in an art gallery, using anchor bolts to display your valuable paintings is a very good option. This would keep your mind away from the fear of painting or that ornate framed mirror crashing down from the wall. Another innovative usage of wedge anchors is using it to attach television sets to the wall, which would not only save space but also give home that classy look everyone desires of.

2. Use of Anchors during Construction of Houses, Dams, Etc

Though wood is often used to build homes, it alone cannot take the weight of the concrete ceiling. Wedge anchors are used to fasten wood with concrete to give that extra strength to it. Even while building huge dams or skyscrapers anchor bolts are used to combine the power of concrete and other material like steel, would or iron.

3. Use of Anchors in Reinforcing Concrete

Wedge anchors are used to reinforce the concrete of old buildings. Old buildings, which are in bad condition, can be restructured using these anchors. Wedge anchors are inserted into the pillars or beams inside or outside the building to make it stronger. These transfer the load of the building to the concrete and help it to hold the building together. For houses in earthquake prone areas special anchor bolts, which allow movement, are used to reinforce the concrete.

4. Nailing Down the Gym Equipment

Having a home gym is the latest fad of the season. Perfect house gym needs all kinds of equipment to keep you healthy. If a specific area in the house is dedicated to gym, then nailing down the equipment to the floor is a better idea. This will keep the equipment from sliding on the floor during those rigorous exercises. Wedge anchors can do this.

5. Attaching Book Cases

Bookcases or shelves are very difficult to attach to concrete wall using just nails and a hammer. By using the wedge anchors we can easily attach the wooden or glass shelves to the concrete. These will help the wooden or glass shelf to hold the weight of the books using the strength of concrete. Wedge anchors can also be used to attach small wooden blocks or glass sheets to the wall, on which small sculptures or pottery can be displayed