5 Brass Fireplace Screen Options 5 Brass Fireplace Screen Options

Whether you choose it for its look or for it's safety features, a brass fireplace screen is attractive while having a low melting point, keeping it cool to the touch. The kind of brass you choose will depend on your budget and your style preference. Solid brass is always more expensive than a brass finish.

Antique Solid Brass

Medium brown in color with gold undertones and large variances, antique solid brass fireplace screens tend to be expensive since they are a more solid metal.

Solid Brass with Pewter Finish

The pewter finish combines the quality of solid brass with a gray finish to complement a cooler  color scheme.

Antique Copper Cast Solid Brass

Another solid brass product, this time with an antique copper finish applied to the brass.

Brass with Black

Brass with black fireplace screens can come with any variance of black and brass depending on the style you choose. Prices range anywhere from $29 up to several hundred dollars, depending on the amount of solid brass content.

Polished Brass

As the least expensive, this type of brass fireplace screen is also the most common. Rather than solid brass, these fireplace screens have a brass finish that is polished and lacquered to prevent tarnish. The coloring is in the yellow-gold range.


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