5 Causes of Squeaking Brakes

When you start hearing funny noises under and around your car, especially when you slow down, it may be squeaking brakes. Below is a list of the five most common reasons for the mysterious squeak in the brakes.

1. Driving a New Car

If you are driving a new car, chances are the brakes are still getting adjusted. This will cause them to make squeaking sounds even if there's nothing wrong with them. This usually goes away after driving the car around for a couple of days, as it eventually wears the brakes down to its optimum width. If the squeak doesn't leave after a few days, there might be other reasons for the squeaking.

2. Squeaking Brake Springs

Brake springs, by their nature, can be really squeaky. However, there may be some tricky times when something is actually going wrong. To be sure if the squeak from brake pads is normal, it's better to ask a car technician to look further into things.

3. Leaks and Other External Forces

Any fluid like Water or oil from the road usually gets into the squeaky brakes when it comes in contact with the wheels. Usually this dries up pretty quickly as the brakes accumulate much heat from so much friction between the brake pads and the brake disc. However, if the manifestation of squeaking brakes persists due to contact with fluids, then there might be an internal leak in the car that continuously adds fluids to the brakes. While there may be nothing wrong with the brakes, the rest of the car will have to be checked for any leaks that might interfere with the brakes.

Brakes must be replaced at least every 3 years as part of a regular maintenance routine.

4. Old Brakes or Bad Brakes

After the brakes wear down due to long-term use of a car, the brakes might start squeaking. The squeaking also occurs with bad or poorly manufactured brake pads that won't be able to withstand extended use. In such cases, a total replacement of the brake system will most probably be needed.

5. Unrelated Causes

Sometimes the squeaking sounds that we usually associate with faulty brakes are actually caused by other malfunctioning parts of the car. It is important to have a professional look closer into it to isolate and fix the problem.