5 Chrome Exhaust Pipe Installation Tips

To give you car or light truck a more classy or sporty look, try installing a chrome exhaust pipe. Once you get the hang of it, and if you have twin exhaust pipes, you can easily install one of these classy looking pipes on your other exhaust. On some cars you may need a welder to attach the pipes, while on other cars you need only bolt on the pipes.

Things you'll need:

  • Machine oil
  • Rubber mallet
  • Trowel

Tip 1 – Buy Pipes That Fit

Not all exhaust pipe tips fit all makes and models of cars and light trucks. You can be sure your new tips will fit if you measure the diameter of your existing exhaust pipes. Then, when you go to buy your chrome tips, be sure you have the make, model, and year of your vehicle with you. Some chrome-tip dealers will be able to recommend tips that do fit your car if you can give them accurate information.

Tip 2 – Fitting Your Car's Bumper Cut-Outs.

Your existing exhaust pipe may fit through a cutout in your rear bumper. If it does, you'll need to know the diameter of this cutout before buying your exhaust tip. Even if you can squeeze your new exhaust tip through your car's bumper cutout, if the cutout is too small you could damage or scratch your new chrome pipe. Should you be unable to buy an exhaust that does not fit your car's bumper cutout, you will usually have the option of enlarging the cutout. In this case, you should have a professional do the enlarging for you so that you can avoid damaging your bumper

Tip 3 – Choose the Right Size Pipes

If you buy and install pipes that are too short, you can run the risk of improper venting of exhaust gasses which could enter your car. Pipes that are too long can protrude past the end of your car or truck and when they get hot from the heated exhaust gasses and could potentially burn the legs of people whose legs touch them. When buying and installing your pipes, make sure they are the right length.

Tip 4 – Install Your Exhaust Tips on Cold Exhaust Pipes

Installing your new tips on your car's heated exhaust pipes will often cause problems with proper fitting. Hot pipes are likely to expand, making it impossible to install new pipes that may fit tight when installing them on cold exhaust pipes. Another common problem can be that of burning your hands when you touch the heated pipes.

Tip 5 – Sliding New Tips over Old Pipes

You may find that sliding your new tips over existing exhaust pipes may be difficult, especially if your existing pipe is rusted or corroded. You may need to use sandpaper, steel wool, or a metal brush to remove corrosion or rust. The new exhaust tip could slide on more smoothly if you lubricate it with machine oil. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to help push it over the existing pipe.