5 Classic Shapes of Entrance Floor Mats

Entrance floor mats for interior spaces have both aesthetic and functional uses. These flooring accessories welcome visitors to a space, providing for unique messages that represent a household or individual, or even, in some cases, a commercial interest, company or business. Entrance floor mats also keep a space in better condition by absorbing some of the dirt, mud and debris that visitors might carry into a space from outside

Looking for an entrance floor mat for an indoor entry or a porch? Some popular designs can help you dress up your home or property for company. Here are some of the traditional shapes and types of entrance floor mats that greet visitors to residential and commercial spaces.

Shape #1 - Rectangle Entrance Floor Mats

The vast majority of formats for homes and other properties are simple rectangles. These are most often designed to reach the entire width of a doorway to effectively catch the first footprints of those who are entering a space from outside. Small rectangular entrance floor mats adjacent to a doorway are often effective.

Shape #2 - Fan Shaped Entrance Floor Mats

Some custom types of entrance floor mats may have a semi-circular fan shape on one or both ends. Many of these include fan shaped decorative ridges or other designs to provide a specific attractive look that can complement a room.

Shape #3 - Sunburst Entrance Floor Mats

A “half oval” or “sunburst” type of mat is another popular choice for outfitting doorways to minimize tracked dirt into a space. Many of these mats are made from a blend of durable plastics or other similar materials. Some are made from recycled materials to provide a more sustainable product.

Shape #4 - Runners

Other types of thin, long floor mats are sometimes called runners. These types of mats provide more protection for a hallway or other indoor space by covering a much longer segment or walking distance from a doorway. They are perfect for a narrow interior space. Buyers can choose from traditional carpet-type materials, plastics, or sustainable materials like bamboo.

Shape #5 - Thick Entrance Floor Mats

Thicker varieties of mats allow for more water drainage or other custom functions. Many thicker floor mats are not closely woven, but instead, made of a variety of materials with large pores or spaces in the mat to let water drain through. They are sometimes combined with a brush-type surface to take more dirt off of shoes or boots. Thicker entrance mats can be useful in spaces where more moisture tends to enter a building.

Buyers of any of these types of entrance floor mats have many choices to make about materials, cost, and design. Those who are able to invest in higher quality entrance mats may be able to get options that are more sustainable, and last longer. Online vendors provide handy details about all types of temporary and portable flooring and how products like entrance mats are made for the consumer audience. Shopping sites on the Web make browsing and ordering easy. Customers can also check out a variety of options before a drive to a local retail venue.