5 Closet Shelving Ideas 5 Closet Shelving Ideas

Well thought of closet shelving can provide you that little bit of extra space that you need for an ever expanding wardrobe.


There is no ready made closet shelving formula, but well planned closet shelving can create closet space that you never thought existed. Here are some ideas for closet shelving to help you coordinate closet space. 


  1. The best closet shelving is one that segments the space with a variety of shelves, cubbyholes, and rods set at different heights.
  2.  Organize clothing items into categories and determine how much space they will take when hung from a rod. You can get closet shelving like dividers and modular units of various sizes for wherever you think there is some space going waste. 
  3.  Add shelves towards the bottom where you can place for seasonal clothes or less used clothing like raincoats.
  4.  Add one shelf at about one foot from the ceiling for extra blankets and pillows that you will be using once in a while.
  5.  It is better to use screws instead of nails when installing closet shelving. This way you can easily rearrange the shelves whenever you want to. 


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