5 Cobblestone Paver Design Tips 5 Cobblestone Paver Design Tips

A cobblestone paver is an ideal way to add decoration to a pathway or open space that needs to be paved. There are a range of designs that can be considered when going this route, due to the different types of cobblestone available. Implementing some tips during the fitting procedure will help you to decide on the best design for you.

1 – Size

Cobblestone paver slabs are available in a range of different sizes so this will need to be taken into account when creating your design. You can create a design that makes use of only large stones, only small stones or a mixture of the two. Think about the end result when deciding on which one to choose, whether you want stones that offer a larger or smaller surface area.

This will also determine the number of stones that you will require to complete the project; less paving stones will be required when large ones are used. Be aware that the use of smaller cobblestone slabs will result in a greater number of gaps, which may result in a larger amount of maintenance.

2 – Test

If you are unsure about the design that you want to install and whether the stones will fit together as you desire, try dry fitting them first. This will involve laying the stones over the surface where they will be installed, putting them into the correct position. Depending on the surface that is being paved, you will be able to ensure that are returned to the right place with the help of chalk or spray paint.                            

3 – Color

When considering color as part of the cobblestone paver design, you can take into account the color of the stones as well as the mortar used to install them. You will be in a position to match the stones to the mortar by adding dye to it, or you can create a contrasting result by ensuring the stones are a different color to the mortar. Similarly, you can opt for a stones of a number of different colors rather than matching them

4 – Pattern

The nature of cobblestone paver slabs means that the design will often end up as a random one, allowing you to make use of both large and small stones, fitted in a random manner. However, by opting for similar sized cobblestones, you will be able to pave a surface using a particular pattern. You will find it possible to create a uniform design by fitting a symmetrical design, such as alternating large and small stones.

5 – Shape

Cobblestone paver slabs can be found in a number of different shapes, which will enhance the design. If, for example, you use squared stones, you will find it easier to fit them together as all the straight edges can be aligned. You will also be in a position to fit smaller stones between any remaining gaps in order to limit the amount of mortar that is used in the process of fitting them.

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