5 Cobblestone Wall Design Tips 5 Cobblestone Wall Design Tips

If you are looking to create an interesting cobblestone wall in your garden, then you may be wondering about the different types that you could build. A cobblestone wall not only looks good, but it also adds a touch of culture to a garden, since it is so reminiscent of old pathways and traditional building materials. In order to create the right sort of cobblestone wall for your needs, you should make a list of everything that you want the cobblestone wall to have. This will form the basis of your creation.

1 - Color

The first thing that you should get right is the color. Cobblestones come in a wide variety of colors which can be used to create different feels to your cobblestone wall. If you want something light and earthy, then you should pick light brown to medium brown stones, while a darker and more ancient looking wall will need something like a dark brown, grey, or even black stone. These can be purchased at most local garden centers or stone warehouses. Look for stones which have interesting color changes, or ones with a streak of white running through them, as these can add interesting details to a wall.

2 - Size

The size of your cobblestones is another important factor. You can purchase cobblestones in a wide range, from very large stones which can form the basis of a wall to small fist-sized ones which can be used to decorate higher up the wall. You will need to mortar the wall carefully in order to support these smaller walls, so don't forget to select a size which you will be able to manage yourself, or purchase a frame to support them in.

3 - Shape

Shape of cobblestones is another important factor. If you are building a large wall, then having cobblestones which are mostly rounded will not suffice. Instead, you need a stone which is relatively flat and broad. You could find stones like this, or buy them ready-cut, but you can also purchase stones and then cut them to suit your needs, although you will have to remember that you will be cutting them when you consider the size.

4 - A Traditional Cobblestone Wall

If you want a traditional cobblestone wall, then you can select a number of different colors and shapes, in order to give you a range of stones. This represents the rather random way in which many walls were originally built, with stones from the local area. Should you want to be very traditional, you could purchase local stone. This will also contribute to the feel of a traditional wall.

5 - A More Modern Wall

If you want a more modern take on the traditional cobblestone wall, try adding the stones in different patterns. This can include purchasing distinct colors of stones, and then lining them in rows to create a linear effect. You could also use different shapes to perhaps show off a larger stone.

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