5 Common Problems with an LCD Projector

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An LCD projector is a video projector that beams images from a computer or other similar devices onto flat surfaces. Projectors are now standard in many business meetings and conferences, as they are able to facilitate presentations effectively and efficiently. There are a few minor problems that one may encounter when operating an LCD projector, and in most cases, these involve image and display quality.

1. Purple Dots on the Screen

Purple or magenta spots on a screen could affect the quality of images being beamed by an LCD projector, and these can distract users. The usual causes of this are dust and dirt particles that have accumulated on a projector's green panel. You should regularly clean the projector for foreign materials to ensure that the images are always of high quality.

2. Projector Not Turning Off

Another common problem with LCD projectors is that they will not turn off when the power off button is pressed. The usual root cause of this technical problem is an ill-fitted lamp assembly. To address this issue, re-fit and adjust the lamp assembly. You can usually get installation instructions from the owner's manual. If the problem still persists even after all the necessary adjustments are made, contact technical support to help diagnosis the problem.

3. Poor Image Quality

You may sometimes see images that are of inferior quality; this problem can be caused by an unaligned computer resolution. Many new LCD projector models are equipped with an automatic setup feature that instantly aligns the projector's resolution to a computer's resolution. However, there may be occasions where the projector is not able to conform to a computer's resolution, thereby affecting the quality of the images displayed. To resolve this, adjust the computer's resolution until the images improve.

4. Images Don't Display Fully

Sometimes a user does not see the images getting fully beamed by the LCD projector. You may find that the bottom of the image is cut off or the text has missing parts. This problem can be rectified by aligning the computer's resolution to the projector's resolution. Adjusting the resolution can get tricky with laptops, especially if its standard resolution exceeds that of a projector's resolution. If you still don't get full images even after adjustments have been made on the laptop's resolution, you might have to disable your laptop's desktop.

5. Infrared Remote Controls Not Functioning

An LCD projector remote control that is not working may be caused by several factors. One reason is that its batteries are already weak and need to be replaced. Another reason is that you may be using it in excess of the recommended distance range. One other probable reason is that you're doing the presentation with fluorescent lights on. This disables infrared remote control functions.

LCD projectors are excellent presentation devices and can serve users for a long time with regular check-ups and proper maintenance.