5 Considerations for Building a Deck Around A Tree

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If you are trying to build a deck, trees can be a very big hindrance to the trees, or you may find that you need to build the deck around a large tree. You may also need to install the decking area around the trees where the trees form an essential basis of the garden. Placing decking around the edge of a treeline can add an interesting feature to your garden, and you will find that it becomes a talking point for many years. In order to install a deck around trees, you should have a few home improvement skills and several days in which to build the deck.

1 - Solitary Trees

If you want to build a deck around one tree, then you can do this in a number of interesting ways. Often parks and public spaces choose to build low-level seating around the bench, and this can be a great start to your decking project. You need to design a plan which will allow you to build the deck close to a single tree, without encasing it, as this can inhibit the tree's growth and cause it to die, or force the decking away from the tree.

2 - Groups of Trees

Groups of trees present a different problem to the single tree, as they can sometimes overwhelm the decking, and seedlings from the trees can sprout between the decks, making it even more difficult to position the trees correctly. If you are thinking about forming a deck around a clump of trees, perhaps for the shade, then you should consider holding back the trees using a small fence or similar before you proceed.

3 - Roots

Whatever kind of tree your decking will be surrounding, you should consider the problems of fitting decking foundations around tree roots. Trees such as pine and oak can have very large and extensive roots, and as the tree grows, these roots extend. Oak roots, in particular, can extend out of the ground, which can cause a lot of problems to the support beams of a decking area.

4 - Leaves and Fruits

Trees produce a range of fruits and leaves, which may be shed onto the surface of the deck, This might not seem like a big problem, but the fruit, or a pile of damp leaves, can cause a slipping hazard which is dangerous to anyone walking on the deck. You will need to work at keeping the deck clean if you wish to place it around trees.

5 - Wood Pests

A tree or group of trees may also attract a number of wood-eating insects into the area which can attack your decking. If you are considering installing a deck close to natural wood such as trees or bushes, then you should consider getting an insect-resistant coat on your decking. As well as this, you should also perform regular checks of your wood to ensure that wood wasps, boring insects, or other pests have not penetrated the fabric of the deck.