5 Contemporary Custom Patio Designs

Custom patio designs have evolved over the years and contemporary designs are getting more creative and innovative with every passing year. The design factor is however dependent on where you plan to construct the patio. It varies by several factors and cannot be generalized into any one thing. New age designers are attempting to mix elements and design cues from all the different designs that have existed to date. It is this unique blend that makes contemporary patios an inviting and exuberating decorative space.

Geographical factors
Patios are built in homes all around the world. The location and size of patios vary due to the climatic differences between. For Example, in Asia and Middle Eastern countries, patios are integrated into the homes which make them a nice protected place to enjoy. The main living room is built around this central open air patio that lets light and air into the room but maintains it as a protected space for the individuals to enjoy.

Space Constraints

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Hence, it is no different for contemporary patio designs because space is a premium these days. In the older days, houses were much larger and there was more room to build patios. However, it is not the same today and modern designs take this into account. They give the illusion of a much larger space using the limited space that is available.

Property Asset
The smart thing about new age patio designs is that they make your house look more expensive than it actually is. Smart home owners have realized this and used the patio to command a higher price when they are selling their property. Although sprucing up the patio does cost a bit of money, the return on investment is also high and consequently, more home owners are building patios as a standard feature into their homes.  It is also a great location to throw parties and socialize with your friends and neighbors. It is known that the best way to make new acquaintances is over barbeques and parties, and a patio will definitely aid in socializing.

Cost Factor
Designers are using newer materials and adopting alternate methodology while constructing patios. The liberal use of aluminum and other alloys helps in easy maintenance and is also a fairly inexpensive investment. Hence, if you do decide on building a patio for your home, then getting a good looking one will not cost a king’s ransom. You can buy pre fabricated kits off the shelves and assemble one yourself or have a professional do it. The availability of such kits has made patios accessible to every regular Joe.

New designs are made such that they make use of the elements around them to improve their functionality. The liberal use of natural light helps save energy during the day time. Furthermore, there are designs which harness the solar energy to run the lighting system during the night. This can be truly handy and will even help save on your electricity bills. There are more such functional improvements that have made contemporary patio designs more popular with the masses.