5 Cool Bookcase Headboard Design Ideas

For the book enthusiasts out there, you are all aware how important a bookcase is, not to mention the bookcase headboard. Now you may be thrown off at first by this thought, but you would be surprised at how involved people are when it comes to designing their bookcase headboards. There are numerous different types of designs that you can choose from, as always the style that is best for you, is simply up to you and whatever you feel will work the best in your situation.

A Rolling Headboard

This refers to a bookcase which is wall mounted. A portion of each of the shelves has been removed and replaced with a strip of wood segments that are linked by a stretch of material across the top. This allows the segments to roll up and all for taller objects beneath them to stand the shelf without any interference. This also allows for a unique, stylized look when they are not in use.

Magnetic Headboard

The magnetic shelves works towards setting up a small shelving unit onto your wall. This does require a good deal of work, because a set of magnets has to be installed into the wall mount itself. Each piece of wood will have a strong magnet that is attached to the backside of it. These magnets secure the shelves to the wall. The magnets allow you to remove and replace shelves as you see fit. It works well for creating a new and changing headboard as your bookcase fills and empties.

Triangular Headboard

This headboard is incredibly decorative and works well in an apartment or home where art is the central aspect of the design. The piece is assembled with pieces of wood that create intersecting and linking triangles which would rest high above your bookcase. These units can be used to hold items such as plants or trinkets, while still acting as a decorative headboard.

Creating Movement

Take different objects, they can be anything that you wish, and create a sense of movement upon your bookcase. By simply adding legs and arms (either pieces that you have bought from a store or pieces that you have created yourself) you can make your objects come to life. Depending on the way that you situate the pieces with their arms and legs, you can make it appear that the objects are jumping, running, falling, or holding hands. In this instance, you are only limited by what your mind can imagine.

Straight and Simple

If you find that you have no desire to build your own headboards, using any of the various techniques listed above, you may find that a simple coat of paint is the way to go. By simply taking a plane headboard, and hand painting a sunset upon the wood is enough to create a wonderful feeling of calm and peacefulness. The hand painting your headboard allows you to add your own personal touch to the piece. You can design every aspect of it. If you want a piece for your new baby girl’s room, simply paint on a few clouds with some pink background paints. This technique allows for the most freedom.