5 Covered Deck Addition Designs

A deck addition is a great way to add space to your property without disturbing the existing foundations. Any of these five design ideas would be ideal for creating the perfect addition for your home.


An arbor is a great way to get coverage on a patio or deck without having to build an additional roof. Use cedar pillars and beams to create the trellis and then place wisteria, ivy or even grape vines over the arbor to create a natural cover. Don't forget to apply deck treatment so your arbor is weatherproof and matches any other woodwork you have outside.


You might want to put a more permanent roof on your deck addition using cedar or other kinds of wood shingles. Design a pointed roof supported by pillars made of granite or plaster. You can make the pillars smooth with clean lines or they can be left to appear more rustic. This particular look is best achieved using roughly-cut granite bricks.

The roof can have different textures such as wood shingles, slate shingles or solid wood. Plan for skylights in the roof to allow the light in while keeping out the rain. You may also wish to mimic your house roof style for a perfect integration.


If you're not sure whether you want to enclose your covered deck, a great option is pull-down shades. These shades are thick, roll-down pieces of fabric that give you the versatility to either create walls for your deck or leave it open to the elements. This is a practical solution if you live in a location with weather that changes daily or if you experience extreme weather depending on the time of year. There are many kinds of colors and patterns available so you're bound to find one that matches your deck addition.

International Style

An exotic aesthetic that will give you a peaceful place to relax is to create a deck based on a Japanese tea house. Take inspiration from your favorite Asian styles by designing a pointed, sloping roof for your tea house. Choose wood shingles and random pieces of wood with minimal deck treatment to keep the design natural. To keep the look more authentic, design your tea house to sit a few feet away from your house with a winding stone path and ample vegetation to keep this tranquil hideaway your own little secret.


Sunrooms are great ideas for deck additions and can look very striking. There's also no need for deck treatment or waterproofing! The walls and roof of a sunroom are made of glass to let in light. If you are starting this type of deck addition from scratch, you could use giant rocks and stones as your flooring then extend that paving outside of your sunroom for the illusion that it is a continuation of the outside of your home.

If you already have a wooden deck, think about enclosing it completely in glass. This can be complemented with a sloping glass roof. You will feel as if you are outside but without having to brave the elements. Make sure, however, that your sunroom is not in direct sunlight all the time to prevent it from turning into an oven. This can be easily achieved by fitting drapes or curtains.