5 Crawlspace Renovation Ideas


If your house or condo has a crawlspace and no basement, you might feel as if you’re stuck with wasted space. On the contrary, crawlspaces offer a number of opportunities. You can renovate the space or dig it out to make it usable. How much work you'll need to do depends on the use you’ll make of the crawlspace. Here are some ideas for crawlspace renovation projects.


Everyone needs more storage space; transforming a crawlspace to create extra storage space is an easy job. You’ll need outside access in order to build a ramp to remove dirt. Have adequate drainage and ventilation, since subterranean spaces are very prone to mold, which is the last thing you want on your property.

Expect the job to take a month to complete. It will cost as much as any other room addition. Since the footers in a crawl space don’t go deep, you’ll need to create new ones, as well as a foundation and walls.

Extra Bedroom

Transforming a crawlspace into an extra bedroom follows the same initial steps as making it into a storage space, but an extra room requires that you completely finish the area.

Excavate to a depth of 10-feet. Since the area will be used for recreation and sleeping, pay great attention to ventilation. You may also need to run wiring to the area.

You’ll need to add a good moisture barrier before putting up the studding. Insulate between the studs, run all of the wiring, and fix all of the outlets and lights. Then put up your drywall and paint.

Family Room

You might like to keep your house neat, but still want a space where the whole family can watch television, play video games, or simply relax together. Making an extra room out of the crawlspace offers you the chance to do just that. It’s both out of the way and physically removed from the rest of the house. If you soundproof the ceiling well, noise won’t bleed upstairs.

Home Theater

If you’ve always wanted a dedicated home theater, a crawlspace conversion is perfect. You can plan it from scratch and set up the room acoustically to give the best sound. Since crawlspaces are underground, you can maximize the lighting effects.


Many houses have workshops in the basement. If you like to work on things, but don’t have the space, a converted crawl space gives you the perfect chance to create a full workshop. One advantage is that you don’t even need to fully finish the space, as cinder block walls are perfectly acceptable in a workshop.